Why does it have to be Silver?

WOLF REVIEW. 6th July 2022

Should your next Mercedes be silver?

Interesting and factual information may be provided, but our review aims to deliver insight from the perspective of a WOLF Architects mind and eyes.

Does the “G” in Mercedes colour code 108G stand for “Green”?

Silver Arrows

Silver is well recognised as Mercedes official colour and this dates back to racing in the 1930s. At the Eifelrnnen Grand Prix, Mercedes did not meet new regulatory weight requirements. However, at the 11th hour they stripped off the cars paint back to bare metal, losing just enough weight to qualify. The metallic silver cars were victorious and were known as Silver Arrows. Silver also seems to connect us subconsciously to technology and with a racing history, it makes sense that so many sports Mercedes cars are selected in silver.

The Silver Arrow of the 1930s

The colour of choice

Silver is an excellent colour for many reasons. Metallic paint in general will emphasise the shape of the car more than solid paints because silver is one of the most reflective paint colours available. This can be particularly important with classic cars that tend to be more articulate. Silver is also a practical colour because dust and dirt appears less evident. Silver cars therefore don’t need to get washed as often. Silver is also generally accepted as being neutral, cool and intelligent, which proves advantageous at resale.


Silver collectors

Some Mercedes collectors have a genuine preference for silver because it allows for even and easy comparison between different models. Having said that not all silvers are equal. Early 60s Mercedes with 180G silver paint had a slight greenish tone to it. Later cars in the 70s had brighter silvers.  Today some cars are available in more than one shade of silver, who would have though that there were so many different shades of silver?

Colour and contract.

For that classic iconic look and feel you can’t really go wrong with silver, but in our opinion, silver is not best on all Mercedes models. The classic W114 coupes, C107 (SLC), and C126 (SEC) Mercedes car are just a few models that are not that stunning in silver.

It’s also important to consider an interior colour that compliments silver. As a general rule the interior should contrast the exterior. The lightness of silver therefore demands a darker interior like black, navy blue, or burgundy. Grey however is possibly the only exception as a light colour that can compliment a silver exterior.

Word of the Wolf.

A group of silver Mercedes cars together always reads instantly as a family, and we find it hard to separate the brand from this colour. We don’t think it’s essential to choose silver because it’s not always the best colour. As mentioned previously there are other colours that can look better than silver. If, however you are in doubt and can’t decide, then silver is always a safe and sensible option.


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