Vintage Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Action Figure MOC (Mint on card) (1984)

WOLF retro REVIEW. 6th March 2023

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Is he the most rare carded figure in the Star Wars Universe?


Product description

Anakin Skywalker sealed on a Power Of The Force card with collectors coin is one of the rarest of vintage Star Wars toys. He was also the last of the 92 figures released and apparently never officially for sale in the US market.

Price and Availability.

Prices naturally depend on condition and demand. Condition wise the bubbles are nearly always yellowed and often have fine cracks or dints. Even in this state they can fetch several thousand Australian dollars. A clean bubble that is crack and dint free is likely to fetch $10,000+. On a very clean and flat card the values can be more again. At the time of this review there was an AFA graded (60) figure asking $17,000 US.

Additional information

Anakin on POTF card was supposedly only sold in Australia but they only tend to show up for sale in Australia once every few years. Most are now guarded in collectors vaults so they can show up anywhere in the World.

He’s the first Force Ghost action figure.


Making an action figure of Anakin as a Force Ghost was a curious choice. Were the people at Kenner running out of ideas, or was it a desperate out of the box idea for a line that was clearly fading. Either way we think he’s a very appropriate final figure for one of the most famous action figure lines ever. Having said that he was not the very last figure to be released and sold. That honour goes to Yak Face who is also highly prized as another holy grail.

Unlike other rare figures that are valuable either loose or one card, Anakin is only valuable on card. A mint loose Anakin can be picked up for as little $50, since he was also available as a mail away promo and was produced in relatively large numbers. Anakin was also available on Tri-Logo cards but they are less rare and without collectible coins.

Anakin came with no accessories but if you find a loose one with coin, you’ll know that he must have come from a Power Of The Force Card. The coins are therefore quite rare and mint loose ones are worth a small fortune.

He’s happy chappy for sure, since he’s worth his weight in gold so long as he stays sealed on card.

Collectability and what to look for.

The days of finding one of these in a garage sale are probably long gone. Therefore, you will need spend a significant amount of money to own one. They don’t show up very often and can demand very high prices (especially if it has been AFA graded).


In the mid-90s they were already worth several hundred dollars and that spun heads at the time. If you were lucky enough find one and held on to it, you have a sound investment.

UV light can discolour the tops of loose figures.

For those wanting to learn about action figure storage tips, follow this link:


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