Silver Mercedes R107 Scale models

WOLF REVIEW. 10th March 20123

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All models great and small.


Product Focus

Silver is the WOLF colour of choice when it comes to most Mercedes cars, so in this review, we gathered all the silver scale models we could find that relate to the R107 SL Mercedes. The legendary R107 SL Mercedes was in production from 1971 to 1989, one of the longest runs for any car model on the planet.

Price and Availability.

With this Mercedes SL in production for 18 years many scale model cars were naturally available. So iconic is this body shape that that new toy models of the R107 continue to be made till present day. None are particularly rare or sought after so prices tend to remain reasonable. Most toys are readily available on the second-hand market. Having said that prices do range from a few dollars to a few hundred.

Additional information

With the R107 entering production in 1971, it was beyond the tin toy era so most were die-cast or plastic. Silver is Mercedes signature colour so most models were available in silver.


In our research we discovered approx. 40 different scale models that were available in silver. We are certain that there are more but the ones showcased here a certainly the most popular ones that can generally be found for sale.

The largest R107 that we know of is this 1983 version made in Thailand. While it does not clearly depict the 3-pointed star (possibly to avoid copyright), it clearly is a R107 SL. This toy normally exists in pink and is scaled for Barbie doll type toys. This one has been especially custom painted over in silver. Technically it is therefore not an official scaled silver Mercedes.

The smallest that we know of was a Micro Machine toy made by Galloob. While a little stumpy in proportions it’s still clearly a Mercedes SL. This toy was also available in gold.

The big Barbie Benz.

Galoob’s micro Mercedes SL

At approx. 2cm in length it looks tiny next to the big Barbie Benz

There are only three different 1/18 scale R107 models that we could identify. The most expensive was that made by CMC which has significant detail and you feel its quality by how heavy the model is in hand. Sun Star had a much cheaper silver SL with top down, and more recently one was provided by Norev. All three have notable differences so it’s not shameful to collect them all. They all have different hubcaps for instance.

Different roofs and different wheel rims

The CMC model boasts real leather seats and real fabric in its blue soft top.

CMC also made a silver 450SL at 1/24 scale which we have not shown here, but it’s not as well built in our opinion.

Norev’s SL is based on the facelifted versions from 1985. Silver coloured models were limited and exclusive to dealerships, so are very hard to come by. They are also the most proportionately correct in our opinion.

The Century models were interesting in that they painted on their head lights and indicator lamps, rather than the more commonly seen translucent plastics.

Century also made a weighty scale model even though it was only 1/43 scale. It too was based on the facelifted models with lower front air dam which we think looks great. The only thing off were the wheels as they appear to be from an older model.

NZG had a relatively accurate looking facelifted R107 SL and made at the unusual scale of 1:35

KOVAP made the only silver R107 toys we know of in tin.

Franklin Mint made arguably the best and most detailed scale models. Their 450SL came with either camel or black soft tops. These toys also came with very cute tennis racquet with bag and set of balls, together with golf clubs in a bag. Inside the glove box was also a pair of gloves!

At 1/24 Scale Franklins Mints SL models were hard to beat.

Even the petrol cap was operable.

Then of course there are the 1/43 scale models made by Pauls model art or Minichamps. These rate amongst the best at 1/43 scale.

The silver model with roof off and black interior was limited to only 500.


There are many different types of scale model car collectors and for certain there are many who focus only on Mercedes cars. Even as such it would be a hard feat to own every scale model Mercedes ever made. Many collectors therefore choose to focus on a particular era, model or scale. If you own a real-life Mercedes, our suggestion would be to at least collect the same car as a toy and in the same colour. If you owned a 1986 Silver 560SL for example you may aim to have all the models shown in this review for example. Having said that some people own a lot of real-life Mercedes cars, so trying to own every model ever made for such collectors could be an eye-watering and time-consuming task.


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