Cantina Adventure playset (1978)

WOLF REVIEW. 30th June 2024

Why is this so expensive?

Behold the Blue Snaggletooth in box.


The Cantina was a rather cool place in the Star Wars Galaxy, as that was where we saw many new things. It was the first time we heard a live band play and a light-saber used in action. We are also introduced to Han Solo, Chewbacca and a host of other unique aliens and creatures. It made a lot of sense for there to be a toy playset for this place, and in fact there were three. The playset in this review is the Sears exclusive from 1978 and considered by many collectors as a Holy Grail in Star Wars playsets.


Kenner also produced a slightly more substantial play set called “Creature Cantina Action Playset”. This had a plastic base with a cardboard backdrop. Palitoy produced a similar but more cost-effective toy for the UK because its market was much smaller than that in the USA. The Palitoy set was simply called “Cantina” and some even came with 4 action figures included. The playset in this review is called the “Cantina Adventure set” and is particularly famous for coming with the legendary Blue Snaggletooth.

The Palitoy variant had a rather large box.

The Kenner Box feels more compact and also came in a Canadian package with French text.

Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set

The adventure playset mostly consists of cardboard which makes for some of the most expensive cardboard in the Star Wars toy universe. The playset itself is just a simple paper stage set made from of a single piece a cardboard with a fold where the background wall turns into the floor. The base piece has holes for rubber pegs that attach to holes under the action figures feet.

Are those Sandcrawler tracks across the floor?

The rubber pegs came in a small plastic bag and assisted the figures to attach themselves to the base.

Original instructions and product catalog.

The main four figures came sealed in plastic Baggies with “Kenner” printed in blue.

This is the mail-in exclusive with Snaggletooth and Greedo, originally available for only $4US!

Availability and desirability.

These sets are often for sale without figures and at the time of this review ranged from $300 to $900 depending on condition. Good clean boxes that are still crisp are very hard to come by so you may need to spend more than you’d like when them come around. Expect to pay significantly more for sets that come complete with all figures. A Blue Snaggletooth in baggie alone is worth over $1000 so it’s not unusual to see complete sets ask over $3000US. A mint sealed example would be at another level again.

The box is both surprisingly large and thin at the same time as can be seen in this photo.

The human hand in this photo just had to highlight the Blue Snaggletooth.

He is also the figure of choice in the original instructions

Word of the Wolf.

Every serious Star Wars collector will have a blue Snaggletooth in their collection and as he was never available on card, the next best way to have him is with the original Sears playset. Ideally it would be good to own a set with figures still in Baggies but expect to pay a lot for that.


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